Shortland murder case vacated


THE hearing into the murder case against Martin Rapena has been vacated yesterday in the High Court due to the presiding judge’s ill health.

This case relates to the stabbing incident of January 1, 2015, in the Shortlands Islands.

The allegation said that on New Year’s Eve night, the deceased was drinking alcohol with his friends and then allegedly went to see a female partner.

The following day, on New Year’s Day, the father of the victim went out looking for his son and after locating him somewhere on the point of the village escorted him back home.

It was on their way home, they met with the accused, Rapena.

Rapena then allegedly asked the deceased over love bite marks on his neck.

The deceased then allegedly looked Rapena in the eye and called out the name of Rapena’s sister.

Prosecution said after that conversation the deceased and his father continued on walking towards their home.

At that time Rapena allegedly caught up with them again and allegedly hugged the deceased and stabbed him on his right abdominal before pulling out the knife.

Prosecution also alleged that the accused stabbed the deceased and then went away.

That same day, the deceased was transported to Taro Hospital where he was admitted until the following day where he was further transferred to Gizo Hospital.

He was later flown over to the NRH where he died on January 9, 2015.

The Crown is represented by the Director of Public Prosecution Ronald Bei Talasasa Jr and John Wesley Zoze, while the defendant is represented by Michael Holara of the Public Solicitor’s Office.


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