Short bus route rife in Naha/Kola backway


RESIDENTS of Naha and Kola have raised concerns that a few buses are still operating short bus routes.

They say some buses are still running short routes from Kukum SDA to Naha store or Talise.

This has resulted in many commuters stranded at the Kukum Hot Bread shop in the mornings.

Complainants say if buses adhere to the Central Market route then there should not be any problem of commuters being stranded in the said bus stop.

On this matter, they encourage the HCC Office to deploy its Law Enforcement team to monitor this situation.

Meanwhile, a bus driver who wants his name withheld said public should report to HCC if they find buses running the short bus route.

He said as a bus who runs the long trip as allocated, it is not fair that some buses are still continuing with the short routes.

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