Shipping not really an issue for West Makira


A man from West Makira constituency in Makira-Ulawa province has urged their MP to reconsider his plan if he is deciding to purchase a ship for the constituency.

Mr John Saeniasi said from the constituency’s perspective, they see agriculture sector is more important than having a shipping to be owned by the constituency.

He stressed that agriculture sector in the constituency is growing and it need fund to help develop the sector in the constituency.

Saeniasi added that more people in the constituency involved in agriculture activity and helping their activity will be a boost for them and the country’s economy.

He however said the constituency has a history with shipping in the past and it never turned out as what people expected for the constituency.

“History has shown that West Makira constituency not capable to run shipping service.

“Look at MV Haurosi for instance, is she still servicing our constituency and our province?

“MV Haurosi was brought by our former MP and was bankrupted some years back without knowing the beneficiaries as no financial report made after the shipping exited.

“So I personally suggested that the shipping grant should be directed to the RCDF to fund all the agriculture projects in our constituency,” Mr Saeniasi said.

He also urged their MP to fully funded and complete other projects he gave for the constituency.

“Individual and community projects were half-given and also half-finish. Church buildings were standing with skeletons or core structures.”

Saeniasi said their MP must let the people in the constituency on the future of those projects as well.

He kindly urged their MP, Hon Dereck Manuarii to work closely with his people to identify their areas of need and address them accordingly.

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