Sharzy plans tour to support breast cancer fight

By Mike Puia


LOCAL music sensation, Samson Saeni, who is better known as Sharzy, will travel and perform in Vanuatu early next month in an effort to raise money to support fight breast cancer in the Pacific region.

Pati Potts of Papua New Guinea will join Sharzy on this tour. They will put on a one-day show at Korman Stadium on May 5.

The Vanuatu concert is the first of a Pacific region tour Sharzy plans. Tickets for this show have been sold like hot cakes in Port Vila.

Sharzy said his intention to stage the Pacific tour follows the passing away of his wife of breast cancer last year.

He said after the passing of his wife he came up with a plan to tour every country in the region and perform to raise money to support breast cancer programmes in the region.

He said Vanuatu was chosen as the first country for this planned regional tour since he found out that the country has no equipment to diagnose cancer.

Sharzy is still working on how he will organise a corporate dinner to raise money for the same purpose.

He said he has grown mature in the music business and he has reached a point where he wants to support a cause.

The award winning musician said fighting breast cancer is the first cause he is taking on.

Sharzy said Fiji and Papua New Guinea are the next two countries after Vanuatu.

“I initiated this idea and it got a lot of positive feedbacks. As for artists that wish to join in this programme, it depends which artist is interested as for me, I am going,” Sharzy said.

Sharzy will leave for Vanuatu on May 3 and return to the country on May 9.

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