Shanel looks for more collaboration


MINISTER Peter Shanel is looking for greater collaboration amongst Pacific island countries to address challenges related to Maritime Communication and Regulation.

Solomon Islands is among Pacific island countries highly prone to natural disaster and impacts of climate change, described as major challenges towards development.

Communication and Civil Aviation Minister Shanel said Solomon Islands like other islands in the region, faces geographical spread and isolation challenges.

With that it also highly prone to natural disasters and impacts of climate change, he adds.

“Solomon Islands have experienced a new trend in high loss of lives in maritime high seas as compared to other natural disaster causes such as tsunami, flooding, earth quakes and cyclones, which am certain is similar to other pacific island countries in the region.”

With the three-day workshop on Pacific Radio Communication currently underway in Honiara, Shanel said it is fitting to provide sessions on Maritime Communication and Regulations which could provide solutions in addressing loss of lives in maritime high seas.

He is hoping such workshop will bring about valuable and positive discussion outcome for the participants in terms of managing spectrum as a finite resource.

Besides, the need for greater collaboration amongst the pacific islands in the region in spectrum harmonisation, he said.

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