Sexting is illegal in Solomon Islands

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DEAR EDITOR, the question of whether sexing is an offense can be considered as one of the rejected one, which no one would like to talk about it as well as, it may be sensitive or not of public interest.

As a regular Facebook user, this is an opportunity that we must talk about sexting. It is a cybercrime and a serious offense which affect children and young people.

We need to protect them from abuse by adults online.

What is Sexting?

‘Sexting is an act of taking nude or partly nude photos or videos of yourself posing in a sexual manner and sharing these photos or video with other online on using the internet or through your smart phones.

Sexting also counts when you engaged in receiving, forwarding or re-posting these nude pictures or video clips through your computers or smart phones.

Sexting is a crime which held all age accountable if involved and it can be a serious offense if a child under age of 18 is abused by an adult online.

For example, exposing a child’s sexual organs, genital areas or showing of a female with undergarments.

Furthermore, there are short video clips which may be disturbing in some ways, showing striptease girls dancing, child, and a teenager having oral or sexual intercourse with adults.

Other forms of sexting were present in drawing of cartoons in a sexual behaviour and pornography material on other social media.

Sexting is a serious offense which against Solomon Islands Laws.

One can be held accountable for sexting against child and teenagers online.

It is the duty of parents and guardians to protect your child from sexting and abused online and if one found sexting report it to the police sooner the better.


Jerolie Navala Belabule

Emalus, USP

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