Sentencing and Mitigation submission on Faiga’s case today


THE sentencing and mitigation submission on the case of an accused Dilo Faiga alleged for involving in an armed robbery incident on July 2014 will be heard in court today.

The accused Dilo Faiga from Manakwai village in Malaita province is alleged for involving in an armed robbery incident on July 25 2014 with other co-accused.

Police alleged that Dilo Faiga and other co-accused were involved in the armed robbery incident where they uprooted the ATM machine at the Kwaimani building using crow bars and then lifted it into a waiting car and drove off to Henderson.

The allegation said more than $400,000 was in that machine but they allegedly took only more than $200,000 from the top tray as they can’t open the bottom tray.

According to the police, they said that the men arrived at the building and threatened the security guards by gun pointing them before uprooting the machine.

After successfully uprooting the machine they dragged it onto the waiting car and drove off to Henderson where they allegedly opened and stole the money on the top tray.

Police also alleged that the security guard who followed them on that night also received $30,000 and that money was not yet recovered.

Bradley Dalipanda of the office Director Public Prosecution appears for the state while Lazarus Waroka of the Public Solicitor’s Office represents the accused in court.

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