Sentence on man alleged of intimidation next week


THE case of a man facing an intimidation charge will appear again in court on Monday.

This is the case against Nick Pitamama who police alleged had intimidated a 12-year-old girl at the Central Market area.

The allegation said that the accused at that time was drunk.

Police said the victim and her sister were on their way home from church when they met the defendant, and the defendant called out to the victim to go to him.

Allegations said that Pitamama used intimidating words at the 12-year-old victim, frightening her, and she burst into tears when she saw her sister.

The case then was reported to the police in which they arrested the defendant for the charge of intimidation and molestation.

The defendant denied the charge and a trial was conducted on his case.

In his closing submission the defendant submitted to the court that all evidence said in court against him was not true.

Principal Magistrate Ricky Iomea was supposed to have delivered the judgment yesterday but since he needed to look through the defendant’s submission, the case was adjourned for November 5 for judgment.

Police Prosecution Service prosecutes the case in court.

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