Sentence done on 2015 killing



SENTENCING has been done by the Auki magistrate court on the case of the killing at Ofega village near Okwala in the central highlands of Malaita province in 2015.

The court decided yesterday that the accused, Johnson Tua, had murdered his own brother after an argument between them one morning in January 2015.

The victim, late Frank Ora, had approached his younger brother, Mr Tua, asking him for nails to repair his pig fence, when the argument began.

Prosecution said that Tua, who was in possession of a bush knife, used it cut the left side of the deceased’s neck which resulted in instant death.

The court heard that Tua then dragged the deceased’s body to the outskirts of the village and left it there.

He then went and turned himself over to the Auki police that same day, confessing to killing his own brother.

He has since then been reprimanded in the Auki correctional centre for his safety.

Tua is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Justice Leonard Maena presided the case, prosecutor Serepu represented the State while the defendant was represented Nigel Galo from the public solicitors office in Auki.

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