Who sent forestry officer to Waisisi?

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THE Ministry of Forest and Research has been asked to explain why one of its officers is in Waisisi, west Areare.

A Mr Aloysio Arukeni said recently an officer from the Ministry’s Operation Division in Honiara went over to Waisisi to assess a logging operation in there. From Waisisi the officer crossed to Auki.

Arukeni said people later found out that the officer was not in Waisisi to conduct an assessment.

He said it was alleged that the officer’s visit to Waisisi was to work with the logging company, licensee and individual landowners on behalf of government on a deal to extend the operation of the company.

“I was at Waisisi when the officer was there, and I happened to get glimpse of the secretly dealing. It known to me that the officer was there to facilitate an underground individual signing of some tribal lands in East Are Are to be logged by Rite Trade logging company. A move that is hidden from the resource owners who own the tribal lands except for only the individual landowners involved.

“Thus, what I want from the MFR is to publicly inform the people of Waisisi on the truth behind their officer’s visit to Waisisi. Secondly, I also want to know on whose interest the officer went over to Waisisi? Is it in the interest of MFR or the logging company? Thirdly, is it ethical for an officer from the MFR to facilitate or associate with such alleged corrupt dealing with logging company in the country? And lastly, why not send officer from the Forestry office in Auki to do the work since they responsible for Malaita province, but send officer from Honiara?”

Arukeni calls upon the PS and the commissioner of Forest to respond to these questions.