Senior statesman questions why top public servant is allowed to indulge in politics

By Alfred Sasako

VETERAN politician, Snyder Rini, has questioned why the head of the Prime Minister’s department was allowed to indulge openly in politics, when he has not even resigned as a public servant.

Mr Rini was commenting on Dr Jimmy Rodgers, who on Sunday launched his Solomon Islands People First Party. Dr Rodgers is the founder of his party. At the same time he is the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister.

“He (Dr Rodgers) is the top public servant in the land. Why was he allowed to indulge in politics? It is not fair.” Mr Rini said.

Mr Rini said the Prime Minister should explain to the nation if he was going to make Dr Rodgers’ case an exception.

“In law no one is an exception. One law applies to all,” he said.

It is understood that Dr Rodgers is not contesting in the 2019 National General Election. Instead, businessman Chacha Bule will lead the party into the election.

Meanwhile Mr Rini has appealed to other political parties not to use the multi-million Undersea Cable Project as their project.

“For the record, the Undersea Cable Project is the brainchild of the United Democratic Party (UDP). When potential funders pulled out at the last minute it was the UDP government that rescued the project through a $150 million domestic bond from the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund,” Mr Rini said.

“It is our project and we will see to it that it is completed and that the people of Solomon Islands benefit from its low cost internet service. But I think political parties ought to be honest about their involvement in the project.

“Just because you are part of a government coalition that was responsible for the project does not give you the right to claim it is your project.”

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