Resolutions reached by premiers on the federal system in Gizo presented to Government


A Communique signed by premiers during the recent Premiers workshop in Gizo is heading to the Prime Minister’s Office and then to the cabinet for deliberation.

The communique was presented to the Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening Rollen Seleso during the closing of the workshop on Thursday.

In his speech, Mr Seleso said he will present the document to the Prime Minister’s Office when he returns to Honiara.

He said he will do everything under his power as the minister responsible for the provincial government to make sure cabinet discusses the communique.

“I will hand other this document, the signed communique to the Prime Minister and cabinet for further deliberation so that they will look through the document.

“The only thing I want is, as a minister responsible for the Solomon Islands government, this system is very important for our country.

“I want you to support my mission when presenting the document at the cabinet,” Seleso said.

Speaking about the Premier’s workshop, Seleso said the workshop has two objectives, first, to present the draft federal constitution to the premiers’ attention and second to obtain the premiers’ view on the draft federal constitution.

He adds that the government is looking at a unifying system of statehood that brings the country together.

“It is important to note that the government is looking for a unifying system of statehood that brings the country together and not diving the nation.

“That is the reason why this workshop is all about,” Seleso said.

He acknowledged provincial premiers and top officials from the government who were part of the week-long workshop.

“Your knowledge and understanding will definitely contribute very well to the future of this document,” Seleso said.

Premier Western Province, Billy Veo acknowledged his colleague premier, officials from the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Minister of Provincial Government for funding and for the successful hosting of the Premier’s workshop.

“There was no tense situation throughout the workshop – meaning Premiers have they understood the importance of the workshop,” he said.

He is optimistic that the communique demonstrates a clear pathway toward enforcement of the federal system.

Island Sun was not able to get a copy of the communique. An attempt to get the communique was unsuccessful.

Inquiry proved that the media was prohibited to get the document for unknown reasons.

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