Labour Mobility Unit releases another 277 names for seasonal work screening


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade has released a list of another 277 Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) applicants yesterday to attend a two-day screening and face-to-face interview.

The interview sessions will take place on the 27th and 28th April 2023 at the St Barnabas Cathedral from 8pm to 4pm each day.

The lists were released in two separate batches. The first one is 138 and the second list is 139.

The second group will now bring the total of applicants to 580.

Screening will proceed following the order and the day the applications were received. This screening list is part of the candidates who applied on Day 1, Monday 27th Feb 2023.

“People named in the following lists are required to attend a face-to-face interview and fitness assessment.

“The MFAET urges all applicants must arrive on time and dressed neatly and well presented.

“Please bring your passport & vaccine cards to this event. Candidates with a driver’s license should bring their license.

Applicants are urged to bring the following;                

•clothing suitable for fitness assessment.

• Ladies must wear skirts or lava lava in the church compound (Don’t forget to bring your sport wear to do fitness test)

•  Own Lunch and a bottle of water.

“Candidates will be screened strictly according to the order in which their applications were received.

“The MFAET LMU will host more screening and interview events in the coming months.

“Candidates are required to wait until they are notified by telephone contact or through published lists.

“Further lists will contain all details required.

“Interview and fitness assessment does not guarantee that candidates will work in Australia.” MFAET said.

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