Scientist from Taiwan National Unversity establish seven broad-band seismometer


Professor Yue-Gau Chen from the Taiwan National University including one of his team member picture with staff from the SIMS during their visit.

A team from the Taiwan National University have spent five days in the country to follow up on Taiwan’s project established 10 years ago.

The research project entitled as ‘Seismotectonics along the Subduction Zone in Western Solomons’ is about research and the team consists of scientists from the Taiwan National University.

The project was initiated 10 years ago between the Taiwanese Embassy and Solomon Islands Government due to the disastrous earthquake in 2007.

Since then they have worked closely with scientists from the Ministry of Mining, Energy and Rural Electrification of Solomon Islands and scientists from Academia Sinica.

Not only have that, the National Taiwan University of Taiwan conducted many field excursions over the past decade in Western province.

The Department of Geoscience, Professor Yue-Gau Chen from the Taiwan National University said a network of seven broad-band seismometer and 11 continuous GPS stations have been established over there.

He said this can help weather forecaster in the country understand the earthquake mechanisms and its behaviour.

“In this trip the investigator of the project join the work of SoSAFE to seek the possibility of constructing a larger observation network which can further upgrade the data utilization for hazard mitigation in a broader scale,” Pro Chen said.

“For this purpose the joint research team is going to visit National Disaster Management Office of Solomon Islands to discuss future collaboration on this specific issue,” he adds.

“For long-term maintain the observation systems for weather and earthquake, more related professionals are needed,” Prof Chen said.

Director for Department of Meteorological Services Mr David Hiba Hiriasia said, “What we are doing with Taiwan will hopefully enhance our weather system.

He also adds that with the system SIMs established partnership with Taiwan they wanted to integrate all system into one to maintain policy early warning system.

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