Scare in Tonga for women journalists


PACIFIC journalists currently in Tonga for the 5th Pacific Media Summit were confused and shocked when they were being questioned by a Tongan police officer about a Pakistani national who had been living in Tonga for almost two months now.

Last night, local Tongan police took into custody a Pakistani national who was reported to be acting weird in one of the hotels, close to the Nukua’lofa airport.

Upon questioning by the police to show his passport, the Pakistani national said he had left his passport at the Simon’s Place, another hotel in Nukualofa.

So the police brought him to Simon’s Place where some of the Pacific Journalists to the Media Summit were based.

“At first I thought the police officer was joking when he said they had brought a person that might be very dangerous,” a journalist from Fiji said.

However it turned out that it was no joke and that the person of interest might be dangerous.

Staff at Simon’s Place said the guy didn’t bring much and they didn’t think much of his behaviour until the police showed up with him to retrieve his passport.

It seems that he hasn’t paid his bill at the other hotel and he had in his bag, only women’s clothes.

The journalists say it was very odd and most seem quite upset that their quiet Sunday evening had just been ruined by this episode.

“I hope the police here in Tonga will be able to handle this case and clear the air for us. I feel threatened already and that my security here has been compromised,” said the journalist.

Two female Australians working in the hospital in Tonga were also with the journalists when the police questioned the journalists about the person of interest.

Everyone were quite distressed and didn’t know what to think.

After the police left with the Pakistani national, the women sat and contemplate the events of the evening.

Most only hoped the issue will be sorted out and not that serious or to the effect as being said by the police officer.

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