Say no to mining & prospect: Vasuni


CENTRAL Islands Province (CIP) Premier Hon Patrick Vasuni strongly urges Ngella landowners to not accept signing mining prospect.

The Premier confirmed that they have already been approached by keen operators in which they turned down their interest.

“In turning down the interests, we were told that mining operators have gone to certain places in Ngella to do awareness on mining prospect over which we believe they will only be talking about the good side of mining without revealing it’s bad side,” said the Premier.

“When we are yet finding ways to totally ban logging on the islands and coming up with plans in how we would carry out replanting of forest trees to the damages caused by the disastrous activity, mining will only destroy our goals.

“So I urge landowners to not give in to this activity as it will only bring disaster in the near future to our islands.”

One of the alternatives CIP’s provincial government is eyeing to help develop Ngella further with once they succeed in banning logging and mining is tourism as well as looking at ways to increase income from fishing.

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