Samoa farmers celebrate ripe bananas shipment to NZ

DEAR EDITOR, “Farmers in Samoa are celebrating sending the first shipment of ripe bananas to New Zealand in over 50 years.

“Samoa’s agriculture minister Lopao’o Natanielu Mu’a is the driving force behind the scheme in which farmers grow Jewish bananas introduced from South Africa.

“Lopao’o initially came under fire for coaxing big commercial farmers to spearhead the scheme which has now resulted in 500 cartons of bananas being sent to New Zealand.

“The Samoa Observer reports the President of the Banana Farmers Association, Tuisugaletaua Sofara Aveau saying he hoped the scheme continues to bear fruit as it will benefit the country as a whole.

“He said he and other farmers plan to be in New Zealand when the shipment arrives next week.

“The New Zealand market for ripe bananas is valued at over $US160 million.”

Copyright @ 2018, Radio New Zealand

The Solomon Islands hosts a rich diversity of bananas of good quality and Makira is believed to be the last stronghold of Fei bananas.

Could the Solomon Islands follow Samoa’s lead?


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