Sambora Finest commends  South Vella Constituency

Tractor for Sambora Finest and South Vella farmers
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BY BEN BILUA/Sambora Finest Press

LOCAL Agricultural start-up Sambora Finest has boosted its operation following the delivery of a tractor to the Constituency, thanks to Member of Parliament for South Vella La Vella, Fredrick Kologeto.

In a statement on its Facebook Page, Sambora Finest acknowledged the assistance as it will grow rural economic activity. Co-founder John Wopereis shared that starting a small business in the rural villages is not an easy task as there are a lot of supply chain challenges. The tractor gave the Sambora Finest team confidence to kick start operations in 2o21 to meet the needs of the people.

He states that the tractor operates on a hiring basis in order to meet repairs and other mechanical services.

“We hire the tractor on a needs basis and it helps us to deliver our dried beans to the wharf in time for shipment to Honiara. The tractor has made our operation more sustainable and also allows us to transport heavy cargo such as timber or building materials which we did when building our new dryer and storage facilities in Sambora village.”

He shared that farmers have been struggling to transport their products over the past years and now their prayers have been answered.

“Agriculture is our peoples strength however market access is always a challenge. The tractor is a step towards enabling our local community to contribute to growth in both our rural and national economy. We look forward to more initiatives targeting these very basic challenges. Thank you to the South Vella La Vella Constituency under the leadership of Hon. Kologeto for providing this tractor to the people of South Vella to boost our agricultural output.”

Sambora Finest is a community based supplier of traditionally organic cocoa beans working together with farmers to harness South Vellas potential in Cocoa. In 2021 they supplied a total of 2.8 tons of dried beans to the domestic market providing income to a total of 214 small holder farmers in 7 small communities within Sambora.