Salute you, Sogavare

DEAR EDITOR, Monday November 6 marks a significant day in Solomon Islands’ history. On that day, a beacon of light among the 50 leadership beacons was smothered.

Former Prime Minister, now caretaker PM, was and is a true leader.

Despite what many may say otherwise in the media outlets, he is Solomon Islands’ champion.

Yes, he may have allowed his reputation to be shadowed somewhat by listening to many of his former ministers who until last week had hidden their true colours.

I hear that Sogavare did that to keep the peace so to speak, in turn, maintaining stability in the government.

There are many things critics have laid on the table to counter reasons why Hon Sogavare is a good leader, Prime Minister.

But I will not waste time on them. In my view, summarily, those opposing suggestions are minor compared to his performance in the domestic, regional and international arena.

His status outmatched most of his regional counterparts and putting him on a level with other leaders of developed nations.

I read many commentators in social media lamenting his removal and I join them in saying that Solomon Islands has appeased forces of corruption and sacrificed a lamb of the nation.

I sincerely hope that whoever replaces Honourable Manasseh Sogavare will perform to par with Hon Sogavare’s legacy.

God bless Solomon Islands.

Gad Parana

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