Safe-boat resumes second week Dec


POLICE Commissioner Mostyn Mangau says as the festive season is approaching police will be supporting the Maritime in the safe-boat operation.

He said the operation is to make sure that vessels and boat owners abide by the Marine regulations to avoid over-loading and risking the passenger’s lives.

Mangau said boat and vessel owners must comply as the safety of passengers is very important.

“For banana boats always watch the weather before travelling, always listen out for weather warning as during festive season through the New year we always have unstable weather patterns,” Mangau said.

He said boat drivers must not get alcohol before travelling to avoid accidents, because there were experiences in the past that when skippers were drunk safety of passengers were at risk.

Mangau said any breach of the marine regulation by the vessel or boat owners, responsible authority will be there to deal with them.

Therefore, Mangau call on the general public who are intending to travel home during the festive season to always abide by the marine regulations in placed, as safety always in one’s hand.

“Vessels only allowed to carry allowed number of passengers and should not be overloaded,” Mangau said.

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