Rumbiak warns SI to distance herself from Indonesia


ULMWP spokesman Jacob Rumbiak

UNITED Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) spokesman Mr Jacob Rumbiak is calling on Solomon Islands to back away from Indonesian influence.

Speaking to Island Sun, Rumbiak said this is what they do and that is to cause division.

“The independence of West Papua is coming soon. God is to lead this movement. We believe we can get it. To get it we need the right leader in Solomon Islands such as Hon Manasseh Sogavare to continue with the West Papuan movement to finish what is still ongoing,” said Rumbiak.

“Only one step now as we are happy that something difficult to do during the past two years was when under the leadership of Solomon Islands leading us into the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

“From that move, we have now brought the case to the United Nation (UN) and this is helped by the leadership of this country.

“Solomon Islands must be proud of this achievement and do not forget we have connections, Hon Sogavare’s success to solve this very heavy burden has now got countries supporting us from around the globe.

“Two years ago Hon Sogavare stood up as a Melanesian leader and he did it, so we need him back to finish this movement. This is so that it will also help in the future development of this country which will be bigger from what that will be received from Indonesia. We have more.

“We are Melanesian countries and we have more than enough for our future and the pacific to depend on such foreign countries as Indonesia.”

Rumbiak is also hoping that the current Prime Minister of Solomon Islands with heart as a leader of Melanesia will stand like the former Prime Minister.

“The people’s voice is the truth, so I hope that the current Prime Minister will stand and believe on that voice. This is how West Papua hopes,” said ULMWP’s Spokesman.

Rumbiak in meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) on his visit had received assurance from Sogavare on the continuous support for West Papua.

It is understood that a draft is under plan over the issue of West Papua purposely to get support from other members of Parliament to support West Papua in the UN.

This agenda according to Rumbiak meeting with the DPM is preparing for the upcoming Parliament Sitting around July or the end of this year 2018 before the National General Election next year.

ULMWP’s spokesman who left the country on Tuesday on his recent short visit said he is happy having received positive feedback as well in continuous support from the grassroots level, SICA and government members as he added that the support shown will be proved in the near future.

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