Rubbish in Honiara

DEAR EDITOR, as a concerned citizen I urge the Honiara City Council to address the issues of proper disposal of rubbish in the Honiara City.

Walking in and around Honiara, you would see that our town doesn’t give a good impression when there’s rubbish lying everywhere.

People have the attitude of littering and not properly disposing of rubbish in the right place.

For example last year I was walking along the walk path outside the United Church area and someone just threw a coconut fruit out of a bus.

Imposing fines should be strengthened and implemented so that people are mindful of where they are disposing there rubbish.

I want to urge Honiara city council to put more rubbish bins along the roads so that people can properly dispose there rubbish.

I also urge good citizens and people living in Honiara to dispose our rubbish in the proper place so that our town can be a clean town and will give a good impression to our visiting friend.

Velisia Lehe

USP SI Campus

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