RSIPF defuses bomb in Honiara’s CBD

A EOD officer displays the shell after safely rendered.
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The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has successfully defused a live bomb which was found in the CBD of Honiara, on Thursday.

Police gave the all clear at 2.30pm on Thursday afternoon after successfully defusing the unexploded bomb in the centre of Honiara near the Advanced Technology Building in the Point Cruz area.

The RSIPF Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team successfully carried out the operation to render the bomb safe by defusing the projectile before safely transporting it to Hells Point in the Alligator Creek area, East of Honiara.

A EOD officer displays the shell after safely rendered.

The operation 2018 Render Safe started in the morning when more than 100 police officers walked through the streets in the Point Cruz area to advise the public to say clear of the area.

Commissioner of Police, Matthew Varley said, “Police would like to thank members of the public in positively responding to the call made since last night for people to stay away from the area at and surrounding where the bomb was discovered.

“The main street of Honiara looked like a ghost town [yesterday] afternoon as people took heed of the call to safely stay away.

“I am very humbled by the positive response of the people. They stayed off the streets and moved from their houses and offices to safer locations when the operation was underway.

“For those whose normal lives were disrupted by the operation, I wish to apologise for that.

“I believe that the operation was necessary for the safety of everyone.

“Furthermore I wish to thank all the RSIPF officers especially the EOD team who took part in the successful operation for a job well done.

“As Commissioner I have all the confidence in the professionalism shown by the EOD team and all our officers in carrying out such an operation at short notice.

“The successful outcome of the Render Safe Operation today is a clear manifestation of the capability of the RSIPF to deal with such situations for the safety of our citizens.”

Commissioner of Police Matthew Varley thanks officers involved in the operation.


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