RSIPF defends its recruit selection process

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Human Resource Department explains that the police recruitment process takes applicants through several stages before a final decision is made on who will undertake the RSIPF Recruitment training.

The recruitment process is underway for the first police recruit for year 2018, which is expected to start in April.

“The recruitment process is not a one off process. It has several stages that all applicants have to go through after which the best will be selected The RSIPF have standard guidelines for conducting the recruitment campaign,” says Director of the RSIPF Human Resource Department, Chief Superintendent Richard Menapi.

“So far I am happy with the progress of this year’s recruitment campaign. I am satisfied that all rules have been followed by HR staff throughout the short listing process and physical test (PT).

“On February 17, 2018 my staff conducted an entry PT test for 800 short listed candidates and this is out of a total of 1,007 applicants. Out of this 800 candidates, some were absent without any good reason provided to HR and only three provided their medical reports as being sick. They were the ones my HR staff allowed to sit the Exams on Saturday (February 24). This was a reasonable and fair decision as the candidates provided their medical reports. They will have to undergo the physical test to be fair to the rest of the applicants. This depends on whether they passed their exams.

“The RSIPF is a professional organisation and we have all the processes, guidelines and policies governing all our operational systems in place. The Police HR strives to uphold these guiding mechanisms.

“Should any candidate forged school certificates, or cheated in any way through our system along the process of selection, it will show when they do the exam as it is tailored for Form 5 or Form 6 leavers, one of the criteria for selection of candidates.

“Police welcome the comments by members of the public through the media on the current recruitment as this shows that the public is concerned for the police. There is nothing to worry about such complaints because my staff had adhered to the processes established for police recruitment. I can confirm that the complaint is being reported to the RSIPF Professional Standards and Internal Investigations (PSII) and will be investigated.”


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