RSIPF build 2 police stations and officers’ barracks in Guadalcanal

Commander Osborne(left) and Commissioner Mangau (right) look at the plan for Aola PS
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THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has started on the construction of two new police stations at Aola and Avu Avu in Guadalcanal province to allow RSIPF to continue delivering services in the province.

The Aola police station located in East Central Guadalcanal will be re-built after it was burnt down in a fire due to an electrical fault in 2020, and the Avu Avu police station in South Guadalcanal has been taken down and a new one built in its place.

Commissioner of Police and the Commander of the Solomon Islands Police Development Programme (SIPDP), Paul Osborne visited the two sites on April 14, 2021.

The work is being undertaken through the partnership between the RSIPF and SIPDP to support policing in the provinces, says Commissioner Mangau.

Commissioner Mangau and Commander Osborne at the Tetere site

Commander (SIPDP) Osborne says, “The partnership forged between the RSIPF and SIPDP is enduring, and the development of these stations is evidence of our strong relationship. I am pleased to be able to support Commissioner Mangau and the RSIPF with these stations as they provide a critical component for policing within Guadalcanal province.”

The RSIPF Commissioner and SIPDP Commander thanked the Guadalcanal Provincial Government and the communities of Aola and Avu Avu for their ongoing support and understanding during the period of construction.

Construction of the new Avu Avu police station underway

Mangau says, “I want to thank the SIPDP for your ongoing support and in particular this infrastructure development. I am pleased to witness the commencement of re-building the Aola police station after it was tragically burnt down in 2020 and the replacement of the Avu Avu Police station with a completely new station as well.

“The building of the two new stations will allow our members to once again operate out of purpose built stations and will allow members of the public to access the RSIPF at the stations. The work on these police stations will be completed in the coming months.

Commissioner Mangauand an SIPDP advisor looking at the plan for Avu Avu PS

“Besides the construction of the two police stations, SIPDP is also funding the construction of new single officer’s barracks, both for male and female officers, at the Tetere Police Station on North Guadalcanal.”

Mangau and Osborne also visited the construction of the barracks at Tetere on April 15, 2021.

Construction worker Henly Sina briefing on the progress of the work