Romanian Ambassador presents credentials

Romania Ambassador to Solomon Islands Her Excellency Nineta Barbulescu and Governor General His Excellency Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui. Photo from GCU

ROMANIA’S Ambassador to Solomon Islands Her Excellency Nineta Barbulescu presented her credentials to Governor General His Excellency Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui, on Thursday last week at the Government House.

In her opening remarks, she briefly highlighted Romania’s geo-political timeline and highlighted the countries’ bilateral ties.

“As a European Union member state since 2007, Romania brought its contribution to the development of relations between the EU and the Solomon Islands and will continue to do so, in particular during the future Romanian presidency of the EU Council, next semester (2019).

“The huge geography between Romania and Solomon Islands didn’t prevent our bilateral cooperation under the United Nations flag, in particular after 1978, when Solomon Islands joined United Nations as its 150th independent state.

“Romania and Solomon Islands established diplomatic relations in New York, at the UN Headquarters, on February 1, 2011, an important milestone in our bilateral relationship,” Ambassador Barbulescu remarked.

She highlighted Romania’s strong support towards United Nations and its effective multilateralism as one of the main vehicles of addressing national and regional interests within the UN.

She points out for the past 63 years, Romanian has persistent engaged within the UN, constantly striving for the consolidation of the UN global profile, devoting political and diplomatic resources to support the organisation’s efforts in ensuring peace and security, fostering development and protecting human rights and the rule of law.

“All these underpin the candidature of Romania as a valuable non-permanent member of the Security Council.

“Romania would highly appreciate the valuable support of Solomon Islands to the candidature of Romania to the UN Security Council, at the elections to be held in June 2019 for 2020-2021 mandate.

“It will be our pride commitment to advance universal agenda, in particular for leveraging partnerships for action-oriented responses on climate change and to put it, together with sustainable development, at the heart of the UN agenda during our next mandate within the UN Security Council in 2020-2021,” the Romanian Ambassador said.

Barbulescu added that Romania is a champion of climate change with years in advance reaching the renewable energy targets annually and becoming top three EU countries independent of fossil fuels imports.

“In this framework Romania is considering financing, for the first time, the Pacific Islands Development Forum, a symbolic yet important project for supporting a representative regional organisation for Pacific.

“Romania is also considering various climate change projects of cooperation with the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), benefitting too all Pacific nations, including the Solomon Islands,” she said.

Barbulescu said she will work tirelessly to advance the relations between the two nations and to grow the people-to-people bonds between Romanians and Solomon Islanders.

She also expresses her profound impression with the current 6th Melanesian Arts & Cultural Festival, an outstanding environment for learning and indulging into the Solomon Islands culture and its way of life.

The Governor General upon acceptance of the Letter of Credential cited his noting of the request.

Kabui said though the two countries are miles apart in terms of location, ‘in many ways, we are bound by humanity’.

“The issues discussed, debated and agreed are all matters to do with humanity such as human rights, the rule of law, international security, climate change, equality, economic enhancement and so on.

“The contributions your country has made on such issues and the impact of them on others in the developing world is noteworthy indeed.”

The Governor General said it is assuring also to note that Romania is willing to continue its efforts to pursue issues of global benefit in the United Nations.

“Your candidature for the United Nations Security Council election in June, 2019-2021 is therefore noted with appreciation.

“Although our relation has been modest so far, the potential to develop it further to new heights is possible,” he said.

Kabui pledges his support during the Romanian Ambassadors’ term in office.


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