Rolling out SafeNet to provinces a learning process for MWYCFA: Ngai

supervising director for the Women's Development Division (WDD) within the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs, Vaela Ngai said the rate of Domestic violence has increased over the years.
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DIRECTOR to Ministry of Women, Youth Children and Family Affairs Vaela Ngai says SafeNet rollout process to the provinces has been one of great learning for the country.

“The SafeNet roll out process to the provinces has been one of great learning for us in the Solomons,” Ngai said

She said for the past years SafeNet has been mainly established at the national level around the capital, Honiara until more recently beginning in 2018 they began the process of rolling out to the provinces.  

“We have rolled out SafeNet to four of the nine provinces and will continue to the remining five provinces this year,” Ngai said.

She stressed while there are standards and principles that govern SafeNet work regardless whether it is at the national or provincial level, they have tailored the safe net model to fit the context of four provinces.

Ngai added for instance, the need to expand the provincial SafeNet members to include community groups and leaders including chiefs as an entry point into the referral system for victims and survivors of GBV.

“This was to provide that link between victims and survivors from rural and remote areas to the Gender Based Violence services and referral system,” she said.