Road conditions in north Malaita worsen



THE conditions of the roads in north Malaita are reportedly worsening, with some sections said to be almost impassable.

This has prompted concerned constituents to call on their leaders to consider fixing the roads.

A Mr Henry Tuhu, speaking to Island Sun Auki, said people (travellers) from east and northern parts of Malaita continue to complain about the matter, and it is high time that this be brought to the attention of their leaders.

He said the matter has been affecting the people for quite a long time and complaints continue to rise, but no attempt so far has been made by responsible authorities.

Tuhu said the poor conditions of the roads remain the same and are worsening, and the people continue to suffer the brunt of the problem.

Describing the status of the road, he said, “pothole is one of the common road damage people knew, but for the case of north Malaita road, it goes beyond that and now pools are on the roads.

“There are parts of the roads where drainages are not on the sides of the road, drainages now lay across or along the roads.”

He added that to make things worse for the people, public transport owners are increasing the fares, and many are complaining that they sometimes cannot afford them.

Meanwhile, this paper recently reported a dialogue between World Bank and MPG on a tar seal project to be funded by World Bank for roads in the province.

The project will be from Auki to Dala (north direction) and Auki to Bina (south direction).

This paper also understands that currently a road rehabilitation construction is underway on the south road, and recently it reported to have reach Maoa area in West Kwaio.

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