Road condition not HCC’s responsibility

One of the forgotten roads which has just about 5 percent or less in its value as a road and if no work is done on it soon, could lose its status completely. This is the same to many other roads around Honiara.
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THE Honiara City roads are the Ministry of Infrastructure Development’s (MID) area of concern to take care of, said Honiara City Council’s (HCC) Mayor Andrew Mua recently.

Mr Mua made this clarification in response to continuous complaints pointing fingers to HCC to improve the roads conditions in the capital City.

“People always complain about the roads conditions calling on HCC to improve them, but I want to make it clear for the general public that it is not our responsibility,” clarified the HCC Mayor.

He said HCC is responsible for licensee in giving authorisation to businesses wishing to operate in Honiara but the responsibility for maintenance along the roads is the National Government’s through MID to take care of.