Rini, Philip deny lucrative cash offers

Former Prime Minister Snyder Rini
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FORMER Prime Ministers Danny Philip and Snyder Rini have denied lucrative cash offers alleged in the local media in recent days.

It was alleged that the two MPs were offered two cheques by the Chief of Staff (COS) of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC), Robson Djokovic.

But MP for South New Georgia, Rendova Tetepare Constituency Danny Philip denied having any contact with Djokovic, and firmly denied the allegation.

Philip made this denial to Island Sun yesterday morning.

Outgoing Minister for Fisheries, Snyder Rini has also denied the allegation.

“No such thing, I don’t even know about that, that is not true, I don’t even know who lied about that, and put it in the media.”

However, in contrast, a Member of Parliament (MP) who attended a meeting with the Honiara Hotel camp, said it was public knowledge amongst the MPs that the cash in cheques were offered last week.

The cheques were said to be from a Private Law firm in Honiara.

Djokovic remained silent since the allegation was published. Instead he appeared to have turned to individuals in the social media to deny the allegations.

Meanwhile, when asked about the reasons for their resignations, Rini said the reasons have been disclosed to and published in the local print media.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga told the local media that he resigned from the DCC Government because coalition members have serious lack of confidence in the Prime Minister’s leadership.

Maelanga told the local media that MPs have “totally lost all trust and confidence in Mr Sogavare’s leadership”.

Meanwhile, despite Government claims that its number remains intact, the Honiara Hotel group has confirmed it has 29 MPs in its camp.

The number includes former Public Service Minister, Moffat Fugui as well as the Minister for Environment Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDM) Samuel Manetoali who is yet to tender his resignation.

Both men are due to arrive in Honiara later today.

Our sources said government lobbyists are working hard behind the scene to win over opposition and independent MPs so they could be sworn in as new ministers before Monday November 6, 2017, when parliament is due to vote on a No Confidence Motion against Prime Minister Sogavare’s government.

Government House told Island Sun that no new Minister was sworn in yesterday.