Restocin tablets run out from pharmacies

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RESTOCIN tablets have run out of stock in Honiara pharmacies after the public responded swiftly and purchased them during the outbreak of the Covid-19 recently.

The anticold (Restocin) is a combination medicine used in the treatment of common cold symptoms.

It relieves allergy symptoms such as runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, watery eyes and congestion or stuffiness.

It contains paracetamol (500mg), chlorphenamine (anti-histamine) (2mg), caffeine (30mg) and phenylephrine (5mg).

Island Sun checked with Le Pharmacy, Hyperchem Pharmacy, People Pharmacy, Honiara Dispensary, City Pharmacy SI Ltd and Panatina Chemist Ltd and found out that stocks have run out already.

Only Le Pharmacy has two packets of 100 tablets in each packet.

It is selling 20 tablets for $30.

City Pharmacy SI Ltd has only one to two stripes left on its shelf.

One strip consists of 10 tablets.

Staff of the Pharmacies said in the past, just few people normally come in to get restocin.

As such the sale of the medicine was very slow in the past.

However, during the covid 19 outbreak, the sales has increased which saw many people purchased the medicine after they found out that the it is good to counter the covid 19 virus.

All the pharmacies are expecting new stocks of restocin by end of this month or in March.

Solomon Star reported a trained medical doctor, Reginald Aipia has used restocin in stopping the spread of the virus in Ontong Java, Malaita Outer Islands after the Government blamed the origin of the virus started in Ontong Java, brought by a medical doctor in Tasman, Papua New Guinea.