Respect each other and our laws

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We must all take heed of the advice by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF).
The police yesterday appealed to Malaitans to abide by the laws of the country.
This advice should be taken seriously by all Solomon Islanders and not just for Malaitans.
Yes reports coming out of Auki this week are quite sensitive which could incite violence or riots.
This paper has also been accused of misinforming the public. If you think we are doing so, write or speak to us directly or give us the correct information.
We depend on you to give us the correct information and stop labelling us names on social media.
We know of people who like our Facebook page and make derogatory comments about our reporters. We are recording each and every defamatory comment in our Facebook Posts.
Please comment responsibly on the issues rather than shooting the messenger.
This is the same advice given by Malaita Provincial Police Commander Solomon Sisimia.
He said people should not use humiliating or defamatory statements in public or in the social media against any person which may stir up hatred and violence.
We all know that social media is a powerful platform but it is not regulated and individuals can post whatever they want to say.
We respect their freedom of speech, but that freedom must also come with responsibility and it is not absolute.
Most times, social media shared and posted news published by the mainstream media and followers dissect, comment and reinforced their personal agenda in posting those news item.
This is good, but sometimes it goes viral and comments become defamatory.
As such, we should all respect one another and do not hide behind our cell phones or computers and comment on social media disrespectfully.
Discuss and debate about issues and not about people and their personal lives. Also stop labelling people names and their provincial associations.
We are all Solomon Islanders and we also have our own customs and culture and one of these is respect.
We all need to respect our leaders and our neighbours.
If we disagree with certain things, there are proper channels to vent those frustrations.
Equally if you think we are cooking up rumours, call us up and tell us the factual side of the story.
We are governed by our laws therefore we must all respect those laws.