Respect Bloody Ridge Peace Park: Parapolo    


 MINISTER for Culture and Tourism Batholomew Parapolo has called on public to respect the Bloody Ridge National Peace Park.

 Parapolo made this call in light of ongoing reports that members of public are misusing the park and not respecting the premises.

Speaking during the recent anniversary of the Bloody Ridge National Peace Park he said, “I understand that previously there were a few incidence of disrespect to the site and the

monuments by members of the public. I urge you to stop such disrespectful attitudes.

“Anyone found displaying such disrespectful actions will be dealt with by the full force of the law.

“The intention to declare the National Park was very important. It is a place to be accorded the honor and respect it deserve. More so, The National Park must be looked after and cared for by all members of our society.

Parapolo appeals to all stakeholders to take pride and passion in working together to protect and respect this historical site of global importance.

He said the historical significance of Bloody Ridge is important for tourism development as it is increasingly becoming one of the key draw-cards for visitors.

The National Peace Park currently holds a US Marine Raider’s monument, Solomon Islands Government monument and a Japanese monument. These monuments identify and promote the historical significance of this place in the history of the War.

On the same matter, director for Tourism division Barney Sivoro said, “I call for us to work together again for the long-term Development and protection of this very important historical site.”

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