Rep in UN, US, Canada chosen

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Government has already identified a candidate to be the country’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador to US and High Commissioner to Canada.

Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Collin Beck confirmed to media in a press conference yesterday.

“We have more less consult and get necessary agreements from host country like United States.

“That has already come back but formal appointment has actually made and announcement will come,” he said.

Beck said they want to allow the process to complete.

“It is an internal process for candidate, moreless submit or give notice.

“It requires little time to do that but I can say Government has actually identify a candidate,” he said.

Former Chief Executive Officer to the Parties to Nauru Agreement, Dr Transform Aqorau was earlier earmarked for the role in New York, USA.

However, due to waiting for one and half years, Dr Aqorau decided to apply to Republic to Marshall Islands and got a job as Legal Advisor in Fisheries

Further to that, Beck said the Ministry has closed down the office at London and reassigned the Ambassador, Eliam Tangirongo to look after the office in Auckland, New Zealand.