Reopening of embassy not US response to any country’s action: Charge d’affaires Comeau


THE US has said its reopening of an embassy in the Solomons is not a response to any country’s action.

Russell Comeau, chargé d’affaires ad interim, United States Embassy Solomon Islands told a press conference this after yesterday’s official opening.

“We have been engaged in the Pacific push for almost a decade now. The realisation of our presences matters not only in the Pacific but around the world, this is not confined with the Pacific 

“Reopening of our embassy is not an action of us responding to any other countries action this is Untied States striking out on its own work plans.

“What witnessed today is the realisation of the commitments we made in the Indo Pacific strategy,” Comeau said.

Taylor Ruggles, director EAP/ANP, United States Department of State, says the core to their strategy in the Pacific is for peaceful open Indo–Pacific.

“It is not focused on any one country. But it’s about the values that we share, the democratic values, the development objectives, the peaceful aspiration and the partnership that we established throughout the region,” Ruggles said.

Colin Beck, permanent secretary to Solomons foreign affairs ministry (MFAET) and the only government representative at the occasion, said the reopening of this mission is welcomed by the government and people of Solomon Islands.

“It is a manifestation of the rich historical ties we share, the ongoing friendly relations between our two countries, and ushers renewed ambitions to deepen our bilateral partnership,” Beck said.

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