Renovation of old buildings in Pt Cruz begins


LANDLORDS of the old buildings in Pt Cruz Central Business Centre who were given an extended closing order last year, which lapsed on January 1 this year, are renovating their buildings.

Yesterday this paper witnessed renovations of two old buildings among other old buildings within the area.

Renovations now on Potters House and other old building next to it where accommodates HM Store and the Honiara Hot Bread Kitchen.

According to a previous coverage by this paper on the issue, Honiara City Council issued a closing order for some old buildings within the area of Honiara Hot Bread down to Honiara Casino in Pt Cruz area.

The order was delivered by HCC Chief Health Inspector on August 8, 2017 with a three months period for landlords and 14 tenants using the buildings to close the old buildings if not renovated.

The closing order from HCC reads “This is to inform the Local authority, and the executive, that the listed old buildings as attached, (list of the buildings not here) are unfit or unsafe for human habitation or occupation, as per reports attached.

“This is as a feedback from the examinations of the mentioned premises, way back in 2015, as provided for under the Environmental Health CAP 99, Part Section 62, and Section 63.

“Thus, this letter is purposely requesting, Honiara City Council as the Local authority to issue a closing order, declaring that the foresaid buildings as listed are not fit for human habitation or occupation.

“And to direct that such dwelling or building or part thereof shall not after the time lapse of Three (3) months from the date of this letter, (8th August 2017) be inhabited or cease occupying by any person.”

However, HCC later extended the notice to January 1, 2018 due to difficulty faced by landlords and tenants to carry-out the work in the period of time.

An interview with the HCC Chief Health Inspector last year, Mr George Titiulu said the order was extended based on HCC’s honor to the landlord’s call for an extension on the notice.

Titiulu said one of which they based on was the time given was not enough to do renovations of the old buildings.

“So they send me a letter which carried their reasons for the extension of the notice and forward it to the City Clerk.

“The clerk approved the letter and granted them the extension up until the 1st of January 2018 as the new dateline for the extension,” he said.

However, one important thing Titiulu also highlighted during the interview last year was for landlords to avail their concept plan to HCC.

He said the concept plan may include plan on how they should renovate or construct the buildings replacing the old buildings.

Hope both parties deal with that matter as renovations of the old buildings are now commencing.

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