Rennell villagers claim logging craft damages their marine life

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LANDOWNERS of Nukuma’anu in east Rennell, Renbel Province, claim a logging craft that drifted from west of the island landed on their shoreline last month, causing extensive damages to marine life in their bay.

And tribal spokesman Jim Sevesi said they are working closely with the province’s deputy secretary Aubrey Puia assist in mediating a settlement with owners of the craft.

He said the logging craft was owned by logging contractors Solomon Resources and Gulf Three, who are conducting operations in west Rennell.

“It’s a common practice in the forestry sector that when such incidents like this occurred, those responsible, including the loggers, are obliged to step in and sort things out with resource owners,” Sevesi said.

“We have submitted a formal claim to Solomon Resources and Gulf Three, which provided the basis for our discussion on this matter,” he added.

“The deputy secretary Puia is familiar with the firm’s concern in his official role. He is a trusted person so we believe he will able to help sort out this matter.”