Rennell has the best road infrastructure: Star Dora

By Gary Hatigeva

“WEST Rennell which is the host of the Rennell and Bellona Provincial Capital town, Tingoa, has the best infrastructure which is very conducive to boost socio-economic development”.

An overwhelmed Henry Star Dora who recently visited the province after so many years since his last visit, expressed.

Star Dora who said, was shocked to see what he described as positive developments, said with the current status, if given proper planning, coordination and cooperation with all stakeholders, the Province will become one of the best and fast growing in the country.

“Unlike before in the 70s, 80s and 90s where transportation is so difficult, flights at least once every two weeks and shipping services then once every two or three months, to-date that hardship is a thing of the past.

“Flights now to Renbel Province has reached its peak with 7 flights every week that is one flight each day, shipping services is weekly or fortnightly,” Mr. Star Dora explained.

He said road infrastructure is excellent there conditions are currently exceptional and connects all part of the islands especially in Rennell where it connects from the far West to the Eastern region of the island.

“Thanks to Bintang Mining SI Ltd and other investors who are investing and operating in the Province for constructing the best road network seen on the Island and indeed for the entire country,” Dora expressed.

With all the negative implications and row that’s been widely reported in the media and debated on local social media forums, he however suggested that the Provincial Executive and the Member of Parliament should work together with current Investors in the province.

He added that the two authorities should see their investors as potential mechanisms, with their involvements, to address some of the Province’s development aspiration and plans.

It is understood that since their entrance into the province, a lot of the companies especially loggers, have constructed new roads for the purpose of accessing sites, and this according to a lot of land owners, has been of great beneficial to all including landowners.

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