Rennell celebrates new area health centre


THE Rennell community on Thursday 26 April 26 held celebrations to mark the completion of the new Area Health Centre in Tigoa.

Main highlights of the event include giving of traditional gifts to 18 construction workers carpenters, plumbers, labourers, supervisors and contractor Bako Dua.

Elders of Tigoa agree that the new health centre is built to standard which shows quality of workmanship.

“We are sure now this hospital is finished and a new doctor’s house built, that many lives will be saved here.

“We are looking forward a doctor joining our community and working from this new hospital shortly.”

View of the new Tigoa Area Health Centre

The Rennell and Bellona Director of Nursing said, “I would like to sincerely thank the contractor Bako and his team for completing this Health Centre.

“Rennell has patiently waited for this investment in health in our community and it is great to see this project completed.

“I would also like to thank Mr Jonathan Bisili from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services who project managed this health centre from the beginning to the end.”

Mr Bako Dua said, “On behalf of my team at Bako Constructions we would like to thank the community for their continued support of this project.

Front elevation of the Togoa Area Health Centre

“There were number of times when payments were slow and food was low and local community of Tigoa feed boys so they could continue with the hospital and doctors house.”

He said such project was a community project, and he was proud for the workforce who has done a great job.

“It was a team effort and we are very proud to provide this hospital and doctors house to the Solomon Islands Government for the communities of Rennell and Bellona.”

“Finishing a new health centre and doctor’s house in less than 10 months is an amazing achievement,” he said.

The buildings was completed ahead of schedule and the agreement to include a new doctor’s house achieved significant cost savings.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is planning to have an official opening later in the year after the installation of the new medical equipment and designated health staff, including a permanent doctor arrives.

The completion of Tigoa AHC is constructed under workforce of Bako Constructions.

Presenting gifts to contractors of the Tigoa Area Health Centre

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