Renbel premier ready for motion

Premier of Rennell and Bellona Willie Tuhagenga
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THE Premier of Rennell and Bellona province has welcomed the motion of no confident filed against him.

“Bring it on,” Willie Tuhagenga said in an interview with Island Sun yesterday ahead of the motion, which will be tabled during their Assembly meeting today.

“I have the number and I’m confident to get over this motion,” he said.

Premier Tuhagenga said six members are currently in his camp and that demonstrates the strength he has ahead of the motion.

He said the Speaker of the province has been consulted and formalities for the Assembly meeting have been approved.

Premier Tuhagenga said the Assembly will be held here in Honiara – a decision made based on convenience and financial reasons.

He explained that the decision to hold the meeting in Honiara is because all the non-executive reside here.

“It’s cheaper to hold an Assembly meeting in Honiara as most provincial members are currently here in town arranging their kids back to school,” Premier Tuhagenga said.

He stressed that there has been a motion but it was delayed due to lack of funds.

“There has been a lot of talking in the media, now we are ready to table the motion and I kindly call on MPAs to attend the meeting,” Premier Tuhagenga said.

He said the province’s revised budget will also be tabled after the motion.

Premier Tuhagenga said he is optimistic that the motion will be over so that his government can focus on the affairs of the province.

He said there are programs and activities pending so as funding from the government are on halt due to the motion.

“We should roll out our programs and development plans last year but this motion continues to be a barrier to our development aspirations,” Premier Tuhagenga said.

When ask what will happen after the motion, he said both sides of the house need to work together to develop the province through sharing ideas and possible development plans that would help the people.

“We have been stagnant for the past years due to lack of cooperation within the parties,” Premier Tuhagenga said.

Speaker Lester H Sa’omasi received the notice of the motion from the mover MPA for Ward 10, on Tuesday 1st December 2020.

In the letter, the non-executive members raised a few points against Premier Willie Tuhagenga.

This includes lack of political leadership and transparency over the provincial executive and over the development of direction for Rennell Bellona province, lack of control over the duties and performance of the provincial administration.

“All these issues raised will be discussed during the motion,” Premier Tuhagenga said.