Renbel contractors in hot pursue for their own projects

DEAR EDITOR, it is interesting to read your publication last week regarding the above and wish to pledge my full support in this hot pursue for the Renbel local contractors to be recognised and give them all the chances to participate and involved in their own development plan.

Many people expose their negative mindset in Facebook, claiming that our people are totally incapable and not hardworking labour, which I respect your opinion.

However, each provinces they’ve got their own weaknesses, and not only Renbel.

The claim that contractors from Renbel are incapable and failed is nonsense, as critics cannot substantiate your claim.

In fact, the truth behind this was that, there are individuals in our community, for no reasons, feel offended when they see colleagues performed far much better than them in such area.

It’s hurt and pain in their hearts and they are too proud to admit that. You will see most of these critics in the face book.

I remembered when the Provincial Government Strengthening Programme (PGSP), was assessed throughout the country, few years past, few provinces were not up to the Minimum Conditions as well the Performance Measures, and that includes Renbel and Guadalcanal.

Common sense dictate, the program penalize these two provinces and not the whole nation. Same concept, if any single contractor failed in Renbel as claimed, then that particular company should be penalize and not the whole innocent contractors from Renbel. In other word, it is a matter that those in charge needs to deal with one by one or case by case, as it will absorb to penalize the whole province because of one man failure.

Those of you (foreigners) who come from other provinces, again while we appreciate your effort, tell me, does it mean that your province does not have any problems?

Is it mean that you have solved all your problems? Sound racism, but no! Common sense, unless Renbel contractors are totally incapable, or not interested, I kindly ask you to keep out and leave our own people to solve their own problems.

To our national and provincial leaders, PTB, MTB, Evaluation Group, forget whatever differences and work together for the good of our province.

Award must be to a successful contractor from Renbel.

Of course, site project manager will be there on behalf of the client, and should help to manage the progress of the project. He should give the signals during the process, if there is any threat(s) during the course of the construction, therefore it will still safe and secure even if any originated contractor from Renbel is in charge of the project.

Secondly, if not one, then award to at least 3 contractors from Renbel- one to deal with the procurement process, one to deal with the transportation both sea & land with other logistics, and one to take up the actual construction work. More people will benefits, time buildable period will be short.

Regarding those selection criteria, those minor guiding rules remain as part of the screening process, but the based or original status of that contractors should supersedes   the rests of your criteria. Why? Simple, this is our share therefore deserved to take part and involve in our infrastructure development.

Long live Renbel.

Sam Tu’utihenua

White River

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