Renbel celebrates 28th Second Appointed Day

Young Renbel female dressed in their cultural costumes to mark Renbel second Appointed day in Honiara. Photos BY MAVIS PODOKOLO
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PEOPLE of Rennell and Bellona residing in Honiara have gathered for the first time to mark the province’s 28th Second Appointed Day.

The theme of the celebration is “Collaboration for Economic development with reference to our culture and friendship is exactly what we need in this era of COVID-19.”

Speaking during the commemoration, Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening Rolland Seleso said he is honoured to be commemorating Renbel 28th second Appointed with the people of Rennel and Bellona in Honiara.

Families with there who were part of the celebration

“I bring to you warm greetings from the National Government and Institutional Strengthening on the anniversary of your 28th Second Appointed Day.

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank you, your hardworking executive, and the provincial administration for the continuous efforts in improving the living conditions of our people.

Papa dancers ready to entertain the crowd

“I applaud the province for choosing a very befitting theme for this 28th Second Appointed Day Anniversary of our beloved people of Rennel and Bellona province,” Seleso said.

Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening Rolland Seleso presented with gifts

He adds the theme of the event is therefore a wakeup call for all to renew friendship and collaborate more for economic prosperity for people.

A young female showcase how the women and girls from Renbel province do weaving

“I thank you and the hard-working people of Rennell and Bellona for a successful second appointed day celebration. I am confident that some of the challenges and the issues raised today, as we mark the 28th anniversary, will be taken note of with the objective of improving the services we are expected to deliver to our good people,”Seleso said. 

Premier Tuhagega, Rolland Seleso and Dr Tautai escorted upon arrival during the introductory part of the occasion

Premier of Rennell and Bellona Province Willie Tuhagenga said the 28th anniversary of the province helped gather everyone to celebrate the day as proud Renbel people living and working here in Honiara.

Premier for Renbel province Willy Tuhagega delivering his remarks

“On behalf of the Rennell and Bellona provincial government and the organisation committee I welcome all of you who are present here today (yesterday) to witness our 28 years as a province.

Renbel Island dancers

“This celebration has a deeper meaning to all of us. This is the first time that we have a celebration in Honiara. And all of us working in Honiara appreciate that we have this in our capital city,” Tuhagenga said.

He thanked all people of Renbel who turned up yesterday to make the day special and colourful.

Two youths from Renbel with their cultural costumes