Remaining provinces to start vaccination in July

Recent vaccination roll-out in the Western Province
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REMAINING provinces in the country are scheduled to start vaccination roll out between the second and third weeks of July.

This was confirmed by Dr Yogesh Choudhri yesterday during the radio talkback show for covid-19 vaccine update on Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC).

“Most of the provinces start to roll out vaccination between second and third week of July,” Choudhri said.

He said they have met with the provincial health directors and have finalised the roll-out plans of the vaccine to the remaining provinces.

“And also health ministry have done training of trainers for provincial health officers were done last week.”

Choudhri said these equipped people will be going out to the provinces and start training the provincial health teams to prepare for the vaccination roll-out.

“Roll out for continuing provinces we will first start with front liners and essential workers and within a week or so if we get more vaccinations we will be vaccinating  all 18 years and above. Please listen out for provincial announcement,” he said.

Dr Nemia Bainivalu, interim chair for Vaccine Technical working group and Incident Controller National Health Emergency Operator, said two meetings have been held in preparation towards vaccination rollout for outstanding provinces.

Bainivalu said one of the two meetings is the training of provincial health staff to equip them to shoulder the vaccination roll-out.

“We have also met with provincial health directors and director of nursing in provinces to emphasise the importance of why we have to roll out the covid-19 vaccine.”