Regional Eye Centre NRH receives glasses by Lion Club NZ

THIS week, the Regional Eye Centre (REC) at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) received 3000 pairs of eye glasses, donated by the Lions Clubs of New Zealand.

The Head of the Ophthalmology Department, Dr Claude Posala, said the glasses had arrived at a crucial time for distribution to the provinces.

“The eye glasses will benefit the citizens in the rural areas who could not afford to buy them.

‘’I convey my gratitude to the Lions Clubs of New Zealand for their continuous support to the people of Solomon islands by donating a total of 3000 pairs of glasses, and I would like to extend my appreciation to the New Zealand ‘Take My hand charity’ for ensuring the boxes arrived safely,’’ said Posala.

‘Take My hand’ is a charitable organisation based in New Zealand that donates medical equipment to the National Referral Hospital and to other provincial hospitals and organisation.

At the handing over of the glasses, the Vice President of People with Disability in Solomon Islands, Mr Casper Fa’asala, expressed his thanks to the staff of REC for the work done to support the elders and the people with special need to access these glasses in the provinces and further to the rural and remote areas.

The REC Optical Supervisor, Mr Michael Siporu, noted that provinces are running out of common, low-powered eye glasses.

‘’As soon the first batch is ready and packed, the REC surgical team will take them for distribution when touring the provinces,” said Siporu.

NRH management acknowledges the Lions Clubs of New Zealand for the continuous kind donation of eye glasses to the Solomon Islands.


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