Red Cross develop school curriculum for disable

Principal of the Red Cross Special Development Centre school, Mr Jiope Iputu
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By Mike Puia

THE Solomon Islands Red Cross is working on developing a school curriculum for people with special needs.

Currently, the country has no curriculum for these people.

As a result, the school for people with special needs at lower rifle range only use the school curriculum that is taught in schools for able people.

This is a challenge for teachers of the school at lower rifle range.

Principal of the school, Jiope Ralulu Iputu, confirmed they are expecting an overseas volunteer to come to their school and help develop a curriculum for their school.

Iputu said the curriculum they will develop should become the one used in all school for people with special needs across the country.

He said they are open to work with the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development on this if need be.

Iputu said this year they expect to have 104 students.

The school charges a fee of $200 per student. However, the fee rate offered is not enough to sustain the school’s programmes.

Among other areas, the school offers trainings on sign language, livelihood and life skills, and therapy for students and for members of the public.

When compared to teachers, Iputu said the ratio they have is a single teacher is to 15 students.

He said the availability of special trained teachers is an issue in their school, likewise resources.

The school will close its registration today.

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