RAPPP fire expert supports joint operation to remove chemicals

1. RAPPP Fire Expert, Gary Power, supporting the RSIPF Fire and Rescue Service in a joint operation to remove harmful chemicals from the National Agriculture Research Development Centre (NARDC) compound at Ranadi in East Honiara.
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The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF)-Australian Federal Police (AFP) Policing Partnership Program (RAPPP) includes support to the RSIPF’s Fire Rescue Service Division through the provision of an expert in emergency services- specialising in firefighting.

Inspector Gary Power from Fire and Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) brings with him 37 years of experience in firefighting, hazardous materials management and leadership.

Gary used this knowledge to assist the joint operation last week to safely remove chemicals from the National Agriculture Research Development Centre (NARDC) compound (Ex-Taiwan Technical Mission) at Ranadi in East Honiara.

He has experience managing a fire service and large emergency incidents particularly hazardous materials incidents that pose risk to health, property and the environment.

Gary’s involvement at the joint operation assisted RSIPF fulfil one of its functions within the Fire and Rescue Service which is to help safely deal with hazardous material incidents.

The chemicals discovered in the NARDC compound were hazardous materials stored in a 20 ft. container which could have been harmful to humans or even cause death and damage to the environment.

1.    RSIPF Fire and Rescue Officers help removing chemicals from a container.

Gary supported the RSIPF preparation for the operation and since arriving in Solomon Islands he has been supporting the RSIPF’s Fire and Rescue Service with advice, training and assisting at emergency incidents. 

Recently, RAPPP gifted much needed personal protection equipment to protect RSIPF Fire and Rescue Service members when responding to hazardous incidents and training aids to assist with the delivery of first aid training materials.

“I provide advice and training to the RSIPF’s Fire and Rescue Service to assist the development of officers in the Service. It’s a pleasure to work co-operatively with the Service,” Inspector Gary says.

Containers where chemicals were stored in.

The AFP, through the RAPPP, work with several RSIPF operational Divisions including; investigations, frontline, Police Response Team (PRT) and National Response Department (NRD).

AFP members have solid partnerships with both RSIPF and the Solomon Islands communities and continue to support regional stability. A/Commander Smith highlighted that the AFP will continue to work in partnership with the RSIPF and support them to keep the community safe.