Rapid growth of snail in Malaita needs control



THE rapid build-up of giant African snails in various identified sites in Malaita province needs effective control.

The fast rate of invasion into new territories in Malaita by the snail is reported to be alarming and concerns have it that if nothing is done soon, the problem may reach a point of no return.

In pursuant of the concern, a senior staff at the agriculture office in Auki, Mr Dennis Frank Tafea said their office is aware of the matter.

Relying a brief on the arrival of the giant snail in the province he said it was first sighted at Fote area in West Kwara’ae in 2015.

He said upon the discovery, villagers reported it to the agriculture office in Auki.

Tafea said Auki office informed the biosecurity office in Honiara on the matter and they went on an urgent attempt on the matter.

“We talk with the community of Fote and the approach was for the community to look out for them and destroy them.

“This is what we did and from the beginning the community did the work really well.

“However, as time goes the responsibility rested on the community got weak and perhaps never do much to control the matter,” he said.

Tafea said the reason for that was unknown but it was assumed that the villagers’ engagement in some of their commitments has resulted to that.

“But it doesn’t rested there, our office continued to monitor it since then and recently we gave a report to our mother ministry on its status of the snail.

“However, we still waiting for the response because through the advice from them will direct us where to go or the next step on the matter,” he said.

Tafea said Auki office was still vigilant on the issue and as long as things finalise from headquarter “we will continue to work on the matter.”

He also reported that another site their office was aware to have been with the giant snail in the province was at Atoifi in East Kwaio.

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