Rape alarm

11 in four months, Police raises concern over huge number of reported cases across country


ELEVEN cases of rape have been reported within the span of just four months, and police are raising the alarm over this serious trend.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley condemns these continuous reports of rape cases occurring across the Solomon Islands.

Mr Varley said in just the space of four months, from July to October, police have had a total of 11 rape cases reported.

“Out of the 11 cases we have recorded right across the provinces, five cases were recorded in Choiseul province and one each in Malaita, Temotu, Central province, Western province, Guadalcanal and Honiara City.

“I think we really need to be serious on our conversation about the culture and the mindset of the men in this country – 11 rapes in 4 months is unacceptable,” Varley said yesterday.

He said the recent case occurred in Choiseul, in which the alleged suspect is the victim’s grandfather; it is alleged that the offences occurred in a family home and is alleged to have occurred several times from June through to September, and it took place in a house where the young girl lived.

“We have seen this happening in other cases before and really my strong statement is that what should be the safe home for a young child has turned into a crime scene and the suspect should have been the most trusted person.

“I really don’t know what else to say to the men of this country,” Mr Varley said.

He said that men, leaders and chiefs in the community should educate and remind people to stop the sexual assault and violence against women, girls and children as the scar of being abused will remain on the victim for the rest of their lives.

Therefore he challenged everybody in this country to speak out against this so-called crime because the scars of these crimes will live in the victims for the rest of their life.

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