I put myself in the victims’ shoes: Sgt Nester Qoloni


WHILE today is Women’s International Day a Police Sergeant Nester Qoloni who has been in the Police force for 35 years said caring and listening to sexual violence victims is her interest and passion.

Speaking to Island Sun recently she said whenever a victim of sexual violence appears at her work place she always feels for the victim and also puts herself in their shoes.

“I always welcome them and felt sorry for victims of sexual violence in our country and been working in the force for 35 years it is become part of me to listen and care for victims.

“When victim came to my office seeking assistance about their problem I always listen to their stories and then made referrals to stakeholders like hospital, Seif place and the Christian Care centre.

“It is a very challenging job for me but because I love what am doing I enjoyed it,” Mrs Qoloni said.

She said sometimes her fellow officers can make comments when victims go to the station for help, good comments and bad comments, but she always told them that they are all human beings and need support.

“I always say to my fellow colleague they are just human beings like us and they need our help, it is us who knows about the law,” Qoloni said.

Women do not deserve to be raped. Most times people blame the victims and not the perpetrator who should be blamed because of his abusive or violent behaviour.

The perpetrator should be blamed and hold responsible for their abusive actions and girls and women should never be blamed.

It’s about time men respect women and girls because all these violence and sexual assault that is happening is just because the men are not respecting them.

Qoloni said the recent training they had on how to improve the management of sexual violence victims is a bonus to her knowledge and skills to better manage such cases.

She said that by attending the training it gives a bright future for police officers to investigate and also properly manage victims of sexual violence.

Qoloni said dealing with sexual violence victims in a country like Solomon Islands is challenging in terms of logistics support and others.

“Sometimes in cases where the victims need to go to the hospital I sometimes use my own money to feed the victims as hospital queue is one thing.

“This job is not an easy job because we are dealing with human beings, but I have a very supportive husband and family supporting me all throughout.

“And I salute them for that,” Qoloni said.

Qoloni also said sometimes though she was posted at the Guadalcanal Police victims always find her for assistance and help when they encountered problems.

She said victims of sexual violence can only share their problems to people they trust.

Therefore she encourages all her fellow colleagues to have a heart and care for sexual violence victims.

Police Sergeant Nester Qoloni is currently the Family Violence Coordinator for Guadalcanal Province Police.

Police and stakeholders are working very hard to end such happening in the country and they always call on communities and individual to work together with police to end sexual violence against women, girls and children.

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