Public urged to take their jab


A local consultant physician at the National Referral Hospital has encouraged people in Honiara to take their vaccinations to prevent them from COVID-19.

Dr Jones Ghabu stated this when speaking to community leaders of Honiara at Mendana Hotel on Monday.

National Health Promotion Department in Ministry of Health and Medical Service, UNICEF and Solomon Islands Chambers of Commerce and Industries have organized the awareness talk to the leaders to allow them to inform their people of the need to get the vaccination before the Government opens the border.

Ghabu, who spent most of his medical years in Papua New Guinea, encouraged everyone to get vaccinated and not believe in conspiracy theories and religion.

He does not want to see the prevailing covid-19 outbreak in PNG experienced in Solomon Islands because it will have a lot of detrimental impact in the country.

“People go to social media to spread false information about the vaccine which make people to question the doctors.

“We should know that it is business where people paid scientists to talk against the vaccine,” he said.

However, Ghabu said he strongly believes that the vaccine is good to prevent humans from getting the COVID-19.

One community leader said people fear the vaccine after one person was reported dead after getting his injection.

Ghabu said there is still no evidence to prove the injection killed any patient.

He said the vaccine brings out underlying sickness.

“Most died because they have underlying sickness,” he added.

One community leader expressed his appreciation to Ghabu for explaining the science behind the vaccine.

He invited Ghabu to come and talk to his community because the chiefs are not qualified to do that in order to convince the people.

Ghabu said his team are more than willing to visit the communities to spread the awareness of the vaccine to the people.

He said it is also agreed that doctors at NRH will visit homes to carry out the vaccination to the people.

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